Slow Food
Cooking and the enjoyment of eating is a passion with us and so we offer our guests, in the summer months, at least once a week, the opportunity to share a meal. Here you can enjoy good company and a few glasses of wine, either on the veranda or in our kitchen. We are firm believers in the virtues of good, honest food and we love preparing our meals with the fresh produce that is either grown in our own garden or produced locally. In short you can discover the origins of the term “Slow Food”.

Portuguese kitchen
Although the origins of the Portuguese Cuisine is influenced by many different countries, the traditional Portuguese meal is noted for the simplicity of it’s ingredients and the purity of it’s flavour and taste. Here chicken tastes as a chicken should and beef has a flavour that you thought had long vanished. In many restaurants you can enjoy some classic regional dishes such as the reputed “Leitao de Barraida” (weaner piglet) or  “Cozido da Beira” (a braised meat dish) as well as other Portuguese culinary delights.

Dine out or prepare it yourself
In the immediate locale there are many good restaurants where you can eat for as little as 7 to 10 euros per main course.

The villas at the Quinta do Retiro each have a well appointed in- and outdoor kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. In periods of drought barbeques or open fires on the camping grounds are not allowed to be used because of the risk of bush fires.