Lots of sun but a green landscape
The climate in Portugal
is one of the reasons that we chose to move here. Long warm, dry summers with a short mild winter. Enough rain falls in the winter months to maintain the region’s green and verdant character. Because our property is situated at a height of 350 m above sea level it cools down fairly quickly in the evening and the summer nights are more than comfortable. Because of this you will appreciate the cooler air when it comes time for you to go to sleep. Also in the winter, the temperatures on a clear day are a more than comfortable
(17-20 ⁰C).

The bewitching night sky
Because this area of
Portugal is sparsely populated there is little  “light pollution”, so on clear nights, you can enjoy a magical experience when it is time for the stars to come out.

On this site you will find a detailed site with information on the average climate for whatever time of the year you wish to come and stay at Quinta do Retiro.