What is there to do for young children?
Adjacent to Casa Mimosa, there is a play area with a sandpit, a playing castle with swings and a large trampoline. Also, by the river there is a lot to be explored and the children can play in a natural environment with the mud, the sand and the stones. There is also enough material for children to build their own huts and of course the swimming pool on the property. As a bonus there is a very friendly puss to play with called “Klika” who just craves the attention of young visitors. In the area there are also two very good riding schools where they can learn the skills of riding a horse.

What adaptations are there to the Casa Oliveirinha that makes it suitable for wheelchairs and/or invalids?
Throughout this apartment the floors are all on one level and are highly suitable for wheelchairs and the doorways have a width of 95cms. One of the bedrooms has extra floor space to allow easy manouverability with a wheelchair. The most important adaptations are to be found in the bathroom: the open shower has a level floor and there are handles and grips by the toilet, washbasin and in the shower. The washbasin also has a swivel mirror for your convenience. There is a special “shower wheel chair” available which will minimise lifting and transfers. This one can also be used in the outdoor shower on the terrace. Next to the apartment there is your own large parking area. The community facilities such as the pool and terrace area are not that accessible for wheelchair users. Our own house has an “easy access” toilet should we entertain you there.

NB. Most pathways on the resort area are of solid construction but wheelchair users do have to take into account the undulating aspect of the terrain in general.

Are pets welcome?
Yes, but only by being discussed in advance when making a booking. We do not want animals to be a nuisance for other guests and it is a strict requirement that animals are well trained and dogs are on a leash. Also we do not allow animals around the communal spaces like the swimming pool and the children's play ground.

Do you supply breakfast or lunch?
No!  It is not our choice to be a B&B or an Hotel which is why the villas are self catering. During high season there are daily deliveries of fresh bread which you can order. Also, we regularly host communal meals on the veranda of our own house for which you can book if you wish to join us. Also see “Good Food”. Some shopping can be done at the village cafe in Vila Nova de Oliveirinha or in Covas, both places about 800 metres away. In Oliveira do Hospital (approx 8 km away) there are several large, well stocked supermarkets.

Can we also “over winter” with you?
Yes, all apartments are well insulated, have excellent heating and are suitable for “over wintering” or a long stay in autumn or spring.

When you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.