High Quality at affordable prices
In the following you will find the necessary information about the four villas that make up the core of “Quinta do Retiro.” During the construction everything was taken into consideration to make your visit as comfortable as possible, no matter what time of year you wish to come to stay. We have not spared on the quality of the interior, from the bedding to the bathroom, everything is of a superior quality and guaranteed to make your stay as comfortable as possible. No matter what the length of your stay, whether just a few days or a full season, any of these four villas will more than cater for your needs.

Outdoor living
Each of the four villas catches the full sun all year round. They also have large verandas for shade and the necessary furniture for you to enjoy either the sun or a cooling breeze.

Groups/Family Accommodation
With an early booking it may also be possible to book any of the villas in combination to cater for the largest family or groups. Contact us to make all necessary arrangements.

  • Click to go to Casa Oliveirinha: Semi-detached with wheelchair access. 4-persons (max. 6) in two bedrooms.
  • Click for Casa Covas: Semi-detached. 4-persons/two bedrooms.
  • Click for Casa Retiro: Free standing. 2-persons (max. 4)/one bedroom.
  • Click for Casa Mimosa: Free standing. 2-persons (max. 4)/one bedroom.